Rare Vos

Brewery Ommegang: Rare Vos Brewery Ommegang, New York Style: Belgian Amber Packaging: Belgian-style 750ml bottle ABV: 6.5% Appearance: Deep coppery-orange in color with voluminous white head. Nose Malty with citrus-yeast note. Taste Rich and Belgian malt notes dominate to start.  This gently dissipates into a dry, orange-spice aftertaste.  Dispite the firm malt backbone and rich […]

St Germain and Tart Cherry Martini

St. Germain is made from hand-picked elderflower blossoms from the French Alps each year. Their collectors ramble around harvesting the pillowy white blooms and carefully collect them and then toss them on bicycles to a collection point. When you think of the intense labor involved, you don’t mind that it is a fairly expensive liquor […]

The Summer Cup

    Sometimes, my husband and I agree on everything. On Pimms, however, we’re a house divided. I LOVE Pimm’s- a Gin soaked in a special herbal blend that is great with simply club soda and ice- but really shines in the notoriously British Pimm’s Cup. My husband, however, feels that Pimm’s tastes more like […]

Hennepin Farmhouse Saison

Brewery Ommegang: Hennepin Farmhouse Saison Brewery Ommegang, New York Style: Farmhouse Saison Packaging: Belgian-style 750ml bottle ABV: 7.7% Appearance Beautiful hazy leomony-yellow, lots brilliantly white, ragged head. Nose Spicy, orange peel, with slightly floral yeast note. Taste Dry, tart and crisp. This beer has a brilliantly subtle spice flavor, followed by hints of ginger, funky […]

Review: Rouge Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale

Rouge Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale Rogue Brewery, Oregon Style: Brown ale Packaging: Pink, Belgian-style 750ml bottle Appearance Hazey-amber color, with very fine bubbles in suspension. Beautiful lace head, quickly dissipates. Nose Thick hickory smokes, maple syrup, burnt caramel, hints of salty-bacon and earthy/hay finish. Taste Sense of Place Overall Wow. This is crazy beer. […]

Blood Orange IPA Punch

 I love love love summer drinks- and I’m always looking for new flavor combinations and ingredients to find delicious summer sippers. Today I am using IPA from Odell Brewing Company and Lorina Blood Orange Soda. I know you already think I’m crazy… beer in a cocktail? And an IPA? Stick with me, it works and […]

Strawberry Citrus Moscato Punch

What isnt better in summer than a nice, sweet and refreshing drink that just screams summer? I love great sangria and white sangria, but I wanted to change things up a bit and make a punch with Moscato. If you haven’t had Moscato yet, it’s a sweet but not too sweet wine- it is perfect […]

Brainless on Peaches

Epic’s Brainless on Peaches Epic Brewing, Utah Style: Wood-aged Belgian Strong.  Brewed with peaches and aged in French oak barrels. Packaging: 22oz bomber ABV: 11.1% Release: #21 Appearance Golden hued, surprisingly clear for a wood aged beer. Nose Malty with a strong yeast note; hints of vanilla. Taste Shockingly refreshing for such a strong beer. […]

Funkwerks: Raspberry Leuven

Funkwerk’s Raspberry Leuven Funkwerks, Colorado Style: Leuven/Saison Packaging: Champagne-style 750ml bottle ABV: 4.0% Bottled: 05/07/13 Appearance Beautiful hazy rose/orange, lots of big bubbles which dissipate quickly. Nose Fresh raspberry, slightly floral yeast note. Taste Refreshingly tart citrus and spicy flavor evolves into wonderful round raspberry taste on back of your tongue. Sense of Place Hanging […]

Review: New Belgium Trip IX

Trip XI
Brewery: New Belgium Brewery & Elysian
Style: Farmhouse ale infused with Sage and Rosemary