St Germain and Tart Cherry Martini

St. Germain is made from hand-picked elderflower blossoms from the French Alps each year. Their collectors ramble around harvesting the pillowy white blooms and carefully collect them and then toss them on bicycles to a collection point. When you think of the intense labor involved, you don’t mind that it is a fairly expensive liquor […]

The Summer Cup

    Sometimes, my husband and I agree on everything. On Pimms, however, we’re a house divided. I LOVE Pimm’s- a Gin soaked in a special herbal blend that is great with simply club soda and ice- but really shines in the notoriously British Pimm’s Cup. My husband, however, feels that Pimm’s tastes more like […]

Blood Orange IPA Punch

 I love love love summer drinks- and I’m always looking for new flavor combinations and ingredients to find delicious summer sippers. Today I am using IPA from Odell Brewing Company and Lorina Blood Orange Soda. I know you already think I’m crazy… beer in a cocktail? And an IPA? Stick with me, it works and […]

Strawberry Citrus Moscato Punch

What isnt better in summer than a nice, sweet and refreshing drink that just screams summer? I love great sangria and white sangria, but I wanted to change things up a bit and make a punch with Moscato. If you haven’t had Moscato yet, it’s a sweet but not too sweet wine- it is perfect […]