Funkwerks: Raspberry Leuven

funkwerks raspberry leuven - a great delicious and not too sweet summer saison Review at kettleandmashcom #beer #saison #funkworks

Funkwerk’s Raspberry Leuven

Funkwerks, Colorado
Style: Leuven/Saison
Packaging: Champagne-style 750ml bottle
ABV: 4.0%
Bottled: 05/07/13

Beautiful hazy rose/orange, lots of big bubbles which dissipate quickly.

Fresh raspberry, slightly floral yeast note.

Refreshingly tart citrus and spicy flavor evolves into wonderful round raspberry taste on back of your tongue.

Sense of Place
Hanging out in the raspberry patch with Grandma and a lemonade.

This is a great beer for a hot day. Well, honestly it’s a great beer, period. I mowed the lawn earlier, and the tart citrus and fresh fruit aroma were a perfect reward for my labors.

Her Take: It tastes like raspberries. Not in the sickeningly sweet way many beers try to taste like raspberries- this tastes like actually sitting down with a handful of fresh summer berries. It is extremely easy drinking, sweet enough for people who might not like big, hearty beers- but balanced enough for those who are not fans of sweet beer.

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