Belgo-IPA/h2> New Belgium, Colorado Style: Belgian IPA Packaging: 12 oz bottles ABV: 7% Appearance Clear golden ale, with creamy head. Very fine lace bubbles racing up the glass. Nose Orange spice, coriander, citrus zest, pine(?!). Taste Very dry to start. Citrus and orange spice give way to candy-sugar. It finishes with a pop of hop […]

Collaboration Fun: Brett Beer

Brett Beer New Belgium, Colorado and Lost Abbey, California Style: Farmhouse ale Packaging: Lips of Faith, 22oz Bomber Appearance Golden Haze, beautiful complex lace; with very little head. Nose Funky fresh must and tart lemons. Tangy Taste Sweet, malty funk with hay and yeasty-spice finish. Sense of Place Autumn afternoons; the last hints of summer […]

La Folie- New Belgium

History of the martini

Satirist, son of the patron saint of the modern conservative movement William F. and the author of such entertainment as “Thank You for Smoking;” Christopher Buckley has written an amusing article about the mythology of the martini. Highlights from The Daily Beast: “…when America ruled the world and its captains of industry drank three martinis […]