Review: New Belgium Trip IX

Trip XI
Brewery: New Belgium Brewery & Elysian
Style: Farmhouse ale infused with Sage and Rosemary
Packaging: 22 oz bomber

Hazey orange-amber hues. Many tiny bubbles with fine lace.

Brilliant herbal notes of sage and rosemary. Herbs combine to finish with an almost medicinal candy-anise/lavender scent. Some hints of tart citrus; very refreshing, zesty.

Herbal without being overbearing. Sweet malt notes are toned down by the sage and rosemary. Effervescent on the tongue, with a strong herbal finish. Hints of lemon and citrus, mild “pilsner” funk from the malt. Very dry finish, which sucks the moisture right off your tongue.

Sense of Place
Cool spring evening, with crusty bread and good butter.

This is a very complicated beer. It’s delicious and malty, yet the herbs are challenging. This is best sipped slowly from a tulip or wine glass.

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