Review: Rouge Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale

Rouge Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale
Rogue Brewery, Oregon
Style: Brown ale
Packaging: Pink, Belgian-style 750ml bottle

Hazey-amber color, with very fine bubbles in suspension. Beautiful lace head, quickly dissipates.

Thick hickory smokes, maple syrup, burnt caramel, hints of salty-bacon and earthy/hay finish.


Sense of Place

Wow. This is crazy beer. Honestly, the packaging and the name threw me off. The mention of maple syrup and doughnuts made me expect a sweeter, maltier beer. This isn’t sweet at all. It’s incredibly smoking. I’d say it more along the lines of a rauchbeir than a brown ale.


Her take:

This beer is the reason you need strong coffee and maple bacon donuts in the morning. An evening of consuming these, and I’d need a big, massive sweet and savory ball of fried bread and some ultra leaded joe.

Initially, it is incredibly smoky- like drinking a bonfire- but with a few sips, it mellows and you get more of the caramel flavor. It is an incredibly complex beer, one you don’t want to stop drinking, don’t want to stop discovering new notes. I think a strong, sweet and salty donut would probably pair perfectly with it to cut the smoke- anything else consumed alongside this would be completely overpowered.

This is NOT a pairing beer- it stands alone and is a palate destroyer (albeit a delicious one). I would love to try something that tasted more like I was expecting- more maple and bacon, and a little less smoke- but this beer is delicious if you don’t go into it expecting to taste the namesake doughnut, and rather something delicious that goes with it.

The one way I think this beer has incredibly failed is the pepto-bismol pink bottle. I get that it is edgy, like the beer, but I was expecting something sweet, not smoky, from the packaging. Which made for a HUGE surprise when I got a mouthful of smoke, not sugar.

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