St Germain and Tart Cherry Martini

st germain tart cherry martini at kettleandmash

St. Germain is made from hand-picked elderflower blossoms from the French Alps each year. Their collectors ramble around harvesting the pillowy white blooms and carefully collect them and then toss them on bicycles to a collection point. When you think of the intense labor involved, you don’t mind that it is a fairly expensive liquor to keep on hand- the limited quantities and unfarmed elderflower seem worth it with every sensationally sweet sip of this heavenly liquor.

I actually hesitate at even mixing it into drinks because I could, frankly, drink St. Germain as is- if they put it in pouches like Capri Sun, I could wander around a garden, sipping all afternoon long. But it is an exceptional liquor to pair with fruit flavors, subtle vodkas and gins, and would be positively divine spooned into a dry champagne- the signature St Germaine Cocktail.

Similarly, Leopold Brother’s Tart Cherry liquor is a sweet- but not overly so- complex liquor that was made to pair with elegant, flowery concoctions like St. Germain. It would also be fabulous in a fall cider, or baked into delicate chocolate cakes.

Ciroc rounds out the cocktail for a bit of a mineral-y vodka taste that won’t overpower the decadent duo of elderflower and cherry.

Garnish with a twist or edible flower as you’d like.

St Germain and Tart Cherry Martini


  • 3 parts sparkling water or club soda
  • 2 parts st germain elderflower liquor
  • 1 part leopolds tart cherry liquor
  • 2 parts Ciroc Vodka
  • splash lime juice


  1. rinse glass with lime juice.
  2. shake st germain, leopolds tart cherry and ciroc vigorously over ice.
  3. pour into glass and top with club soda or sparkling water.






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